Big Idea - Identity

Welcome to the ADE2010 Digital Portfolios Wiki. This wiki started as part of a group discussion at the ADE conference in Singapore in 2010. We hope that this resources will be useful for educators, administrators or schools who are looking to digital portfolios. This is an open collaboration wiki and you can contact any of the current members to join and add resources, opinions and so forth. To help you understand what a digital portfolio is, (what we will call an e-portfolio from now on) take a moment to read Amanda DeCardy's page.

What is an e-portfolio?

"An e-portfolio is a learner-driven collection of digital objects demonstrating experiences, achievements and evidence of learning. E-portfolios provide learners with a structured way of recording their learning experiences... and can include a range of digital evidence such as audio, video, photographs and blogs."

The Essential Question

What processes are best to guide students, teachers and schools as they develop e-portfolios to showcase learning.

The Challenge

Design a e-portfolio process that will truly guide students through defining their Educational/Professional Identity and will also be sustainable as they grow socially, emotionally and academically.

Guiding Inquiry

What current trends exist within schools regarding portfolios?
What are the educational benefits of e-portfolios?
What are the different ways to organize student e-portfolios in order to enhance the reflection and learning process.
How do educators share their professional identity online in a sustainable manner?
What are some of the pitfalls of current digital portfolio processes?
Investigate school expectations, teacher expectations, roles of the portfolio, tools and examples of e-portfolios.

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