1. What does a professional portfolio mean to a student?
2. How do you showcase learning in a dynamic (2.0) way?
3. How do we keep it from being bells & whistles - more than just an art exhibit?
4. Are students creating their own brand? And if so, what does that mean?
5 Where in the process will the portfolio be used? How often?
6. Is the best way to demonstrate one's IDENTITY or LEARNING through showing the whole process? All the nitty gritty?
7. How do we meet all the demands of the different subjects to fit into one format? Or should it be around standards (i.e. NETS)?

8. Who does this? Subject teachers?
9. Is it a working portfolio, a showcase of chosen projects, or both?
10. Will the portfolios be password protected for privacy or open?
11. How can portfolios be linked to one another easily? Is a social networking platform the solution (i.e. Elgg)?
12. How can you promote consistent visitation to the portfolios?